25th July 2012


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    Judgement Day: Ian Young Announces Final Music School Plans

    Ian Young has refused to back down on controversial proposals to restructure the School of Music, today announcing the final version of his plan to cut $1.5 million from the School's deficit.

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    School of Music Chaos

    The ANU is in talks with Canberra businesses to provide additional funding for the School of Music, as massive protests last week forced a number of concessions by Vice Chancellor Ian Young.

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    Massive School of Music Protest: 'Ian Young Needs To Face The Music'

    Nearly one thousand students, staff and members of the Canberra arts community gathered in Union Court today to protest proposed curriculum and staff changes at the ANU School of Music. 

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    The Day the Music Died

    Music students, staff and the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) have hit out at the University’s proposed staff cuts and restructuring of the music curriculum.

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    Is Our Children Learning?

    We take it for granted that with education comes choice; that education is a symbol of empowerment and progress. But have you ever tried to imagine how a young person could face education and be met by a void?

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      Dear Editors In my article in the Canberra Times on July 3rd, I said that ANUSA "is a vital voice for...
      Dear Editors, I write in response to Adam Spence’s opinion piece “ANUSA must have processes improved...
        What started out as the John XXIII College (Johns) annual ball, held on the evening of 25th May, ended up...

    ANU Needs To Offer Indigenous Languages

    Uma Patel 6 weeks 1 day

      As we reach the end of this week’s Jubilee festivities, we can thank the Queen for three things: a few days off work, two handsome grandsons and a televised party on a small Island to the East of Europe. All this is a bit entertaining...

    It's a bitch eat bitch world: going down on feminism

    Lisa Visentin 8 weeks 3 days

      Feminism. Yawn. Yawn again. Eyeroll. What a page-turner this word is. Without the cunnilingus reference in the headline, would you have lingered on this page long enough to be so abruptly confronted by the word cunnilingus? A safe bet says...

    Politics, pomposity, and plenty of prattle

    Jess Millen 10 weeks 5 days

    In this time of almost universal disappointment in Australian political personalities, the live show of Yes, Prime Minister offers a refreshing satirical take on the hot mess that is world politics. The production was penned by Antony Jay and...